What better way to make your employees, clients and friends happy than by offering a relaxing spa treatment. Here are 3 tips for a perfect winter spa party, including: the prep, the stations and the food.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

The Prep
Scenery: A winter spa party set against a crisp white landscape can relax, soothe, re-energize and completely clear your mind. Soak up the surroundings by making sure any unsightly gardening tools or hoses are kept out of site. If you are hosting guests at night, be sure to switch on any holiday lights outside as well as the hot tub light to really enhance the mood! To keep guests warm once they are out of the tub, you can even build a bonfire (purchase a chiminea or fire pit to ensure safety).
Cover Ups: Avoid discomfort by preparing for your guests ahead of time. Suggest that guests bring a robe for after the hot tub and provide everyone with a warm towel once the hot tub portion of the evening is complete. Be sure to lay out mats by the door to keep water from dripping inside the house. Keep guests safe and healthy by providing a warm retreat from the cold in addition to towels, robes and/or socks.
Indoors: Now that you and your guests have enjoyed the invigorating mix of brisk winter air and hot, soothing water, it’s time to relax in the living room with a glass of brandy for the adults and a movie for the children. Light a fire and enjoy the cozy environment, it’s the ideal way to wrap up a winter spa party! Source: HotTubWarehouse

The Stations
First, figure out which stations you are going to incorporate and where. Each station should be set up in its own area. The idea is that everyone moves from one station to the next, so everyone gets each treatment. Each rotation should occur at about the same time — probably every 15 to 20 minutes (if someone finishes sooner, they can just sit back and read a magazine, get refreshments, or take pictures). Make signs for each station, and give each a number (so people can rotate in order). A few minutes before your guests are expected to arrive, set the mood by closing all the curtains, lighting the candles, and playing soft music. (No, it’s not supposed to be romantic; it’s supposed to be relaxing!)
You can vary the number of stations, or add your own. (Another great station idea: Surprise your guests and hire a tarot card or palm reader, or a fortune-teller.) Source: TheKnot

The Food
The most amazing home spa party idea is to add some fresh fruits and vegetables in a tray for the guests to enjoy while they have the home spa treatments. The vegetables will be delicious with the most tasty and rich dips. Even the fruits can be served with chocolate, caramel or whipped yogurt dips.
The rich snacks like cheese trays, the shrimp rings or some vegetable rolls or the onion rings will provide the most amazing taste during the home spa party. This will add a great touch to the event. Source: Bohemesurlekiez.Blogspot

Forget the usual party ideas and enjoy a relaxing winter spa party with your friends. For more information, contact us now!

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