Manis are one of a girl’s guilty pleasures. Aside from making us feel and look dazzling, they can also help us de-stress. However, it’s annoying if the polish starts chipping off after just a day or two. Learn more about how to make your manicure last longer by following these four easy tips:

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Dry Nails with Cool Air
Hot air keep the polish from drying so use your blow dryer on its cool setting or a fan. Dipping fingertips in ice water for a minute or two also aids drying. Source: Cosmopolitan

Buff Your Nails
If you run your fingers over your nails, you’ll notice little ridges on the surface of your nails. Some of us have more prominent ridges than others and it’s these culprits that cause polish to crack.
The trick to a longer-lasting application is buffing your nails until you have a smooth surface to work with. For best results, buff in one direction rather than haphazardly all over. Source: HuffingtonPost

Be Picky About Products
Hand sanitizer has become a mainstay in most purses, especially during cold and flu season, but while it kills germs, it also kills your mani. “The alcohol in hand sanitizers eats away at topcoat and causes your color to fade and dull,” Dalbo says. Exfoliators in body and facial scrubs are also a no-no, as they remove both the top layer of your skin and your polish. Wash your hands with a mild antibacterial soap to avoid colds and germs and preserve your mani, and reach for alcohol-free lotion. “If it has a fragrance, it contains alcohol, which leads to drying and chaffing,” says Jennifer Lopez’s manicurist, Elle. Source: Shape

Avoid Washing Your Hands in Hot Water for At Least 12 Hours
Even though your nails might feel dry to the touch, your polish can take up to 12 hours to fully harden. Heat can interfere with the “curing” process, which will result in smudging and cracking. Just be sure to wash your hands in cold water instead of hot. Source: Buzzfeed

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