Tanned skin is appealing for both men and women as this is a simple way to emphasize the body. Here are some of the most important tips you should remember, including: making sure your skin is prepared, moisturizing and after care.

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Make sure your Skin is Prepared
Preparing the skin for a spray tanning session involves showering and exfoliating beforehand. Since it is not recommended to shower for a few hours, you have to get cleaned up prior to the session. Exfoliating, meanwhile, removes dead skin cells from the top layer of skin; this makes the tanning spray more absorbable, and results in a more even tan. Source: BronzeBooty

In addition to moisturizing with a water-based moisturizer, you should exfoliate before spray tanning. Exfoliating basically eliminates the already-dead skin cells, which means that the spray tan mist will dye the layer of skin that is likely to last for a longer period of time.
After getting the spray tan, try not to sweat or shower for a minimum of four hours, to allow the DHA to take full effect. So that means no physical activity after spray tanning. Now this might all seem like a lot of work, but if you’re going to the trouble of getting a fake tan, you may as well do it right. Source: AskMen

After Care
After your appointment, make sure you wear loose, dark clothing so as not to rub the tan off. You should wait at least 8 hours before showering off your guide colour, and then avoid chlorinated swimming pools and gym sessions for 24 hours after.
Once your spray tan has developed, you’ll be left looking more toned and healthy, and feeling amazing. Once the compliments start rolling in, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted the power of the man tan! Source: Sienna-x

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