Have you ever tried to get a gorgeous glow with fake tanning products at home, only to be dissatisfied with your results? If yes, then this article is for you. Here are some tips to help you fix a few of the common fake tan fails:



How To Fix…When You’ve Gone Too Dark
If you’ve left tan on for too long and you’re looking more mahogany than golden, ‘massage a body oil, like Baby Oil or coconut oil, all over your body,’ suggests Harknett. Wait for 30 minutes, then take a soak in a hot bath and use a flannel to buff your body all over to remove the oil. ‘Oil and hot water help accelerate the breakdown of fake tan,’ explains Harknett. Source: InStyle

The Fastest Way to Fix a Streaky Tan
Sweep a cotton ball soaked in 100 percent lemon juice over stripy areas. “Citric acid from the lemon is a natural skin lightener and exfoliator,” says Drita Ramadanovic, a spa manager at the Wynn resort, in Las Vegas. “It smooths away unevenly applied tanner by sloughing off overly tanned skin cells.”
Another option: Massage plain baking soda onto damp skin with small, gentle circular motions. Like lemon juice, baking soda will slough off freshly dyed cells and reveal untanned skin underneath.
Quick tip: Cut your self-tanner with moisturizer. Mix equal parts of each in your palm and blend them together before applying. The diluted tanner will give you a more natural color. Source: RealSimple

Chill in The Jacuzzi
Chlorine strips away a spray tan, so going for a swim or hanging out in the hot tub is an easy way to strip away excess or uneven color. Source: Bustle

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