What Sets Us Apart

Having Signature Spa + Mobile come to you can truly be a unique spa experience. It’s a great way to enjoy relaxing spa treatments in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to risk smudging a nail, or even the drive home after a relaxing massage or facial.

We also have extensive staff members that can travel to your venue and accommodate whatever size of party or event you desire. We have successfully pampered individuals, couples, parties and events every week and weekend since 2009. We look forward to pampering you and your guests.

Follow the 3 steps below to book with us today!

We require a $50 non-refundable deposit to reserve a date. This deposit will be used towards the grand total on the day of the spa event.

We accept:

– Interac e-transfer through email (info@signaturemobilespa.com)
– Online payable invoice with a Visa or MasterCard
– Visa or MasterCard over the phone (Karen @ 604.8688466) or (Carmen @ 604.377.5177)

Please note we only hold dates for 72 hours until a deposit is received.

Once your guests have decided on their treatments they may fill out our Online Consult Form to let us know which service(s) they would like to enjoy at your event.

Online Consult Form https://www.signaturemobilespa.com/treatment-reservation-form/

We ask for this form to be submitted 7-14 days prior to your scheduled spa party. We will be preparing an appointment schedule for your party, which will include you and your guests appointment time and it will be emailed to everyone prior to the event.

Signature Mobile Spa will arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to setup, and will provide everything from the setup to the cleanup for the spa portion of your event. We ask for you to have seating for you and your guests receiving hand or foot treatments, and access to a sink and outlet.
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