We at Signature Spa Mobile take COVID-19 and its safety protocols very seriously. We have updated our services and our policies to reflect it. Please read on about how we are keeping you and your loved ones safe while still being able to pamper you at the comfort of your home.

Covid Mask Protocols

With the mask policy lifted in British Columbia we are leaving it up to our clients comfortability if they’d like to have face coverings. Please advise us if you’d like our staff to be prepared with face coverings for your appointment. For all hospital and high risk clients we will have our Vaccine passports available as well as wear face coverings recommended by Fraser Health.

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Restrictions for Gatherings BC

There are no restrictions for private gatherings. For organized events (weddings etc) please follow the province guidelines for events.

Our Commitment

As always, cleaning and the use of a medical grade disinfectant and sanitization will continue to be done, before and after each appointment.

  Sanitation Plan For Treatments

  1. Disposable – All single use tools such as nail files, cotton, sponges, orange wood sticks, basin liners, buffers, and callus grits will be disposed of after your treatment or offered to the client.
  2. Tools – Nail clippers, extractors, cuticle pushers, and nippers are to be disinfected after each use.
  3. All products, stools, manicure tables are wiped down with a disinfectant

Massages Tables and Chair Massage

  1. Surface will be wiped with a disinfectant wipe after each massage
  2. Disposable Facial liners will be disposed of after use.
  3. Cloth table covers used for Massages and Facials
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