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Signature Mobile Spa is Vancouver’s premier mobile lash destination solely specializing in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. We bring the lash lounge to the comfort and convenience of your home/business, without losing out on any of the experience and quality. Our Volume lashes are the best in the industry and will leave you feeling like you are walking on the red carpet on a daily basis.

We offer a range of styles with our industry leading lash quality. You can take the red carpet look with a set of volume lashes or just glam up your life with a set of classic or hybrid. Regardless we will leave you looking and feeling like your best self.



Our Eye Lash Extension Services

Classic Fills (60 mins) – $70
Hybrid Fills (60 mins) – $80
Volume Fills (60 mins) – $95

Lift + Tint – $85
Brow Laminate – $75
Cleanse – $30
Please let us know if anyone has any allergies to products

Step #1 – Exfoliate your body.
This is perhaps one of the most important first steps when it comes to preparing your skin for a spray tan. Dry, rough patches of skin tend to attract and hold more color than skin which is smooth and soft. Use a loofah or other type of exfoliating tool to scrub your entire body. A body scrub with sea salt or other exfoliating products also provides the optimum results.

Step #2 – Shave unwanted hair.
While excessive body hair will not impair the ability of the spray tan to stick to your skin, shaving prior to will help the longevity of your tan.

Step #3 – The day of your tan
To ensure the best results during a spray tan, refrain from using skin lotions and moisturizers until after having the spray tan done as these lotions often block the spray tan from sticking to your skin. The same applies to products like antiperspirant, deodorant, make-up, perfume, or powder as they too can block the adherence of the spray tan

Step #4 – After Your Tan
Wear dark loose fitting clothing for as long as possible. Refrain from washing your hands for at least an hour. Do not shower until at least 10 hours or longer after your session. Apply a moisturizer once to twice daily.