The key to a smooth wedding celebration is planning – and your wedding day hair is no exception. Here are 3 tips that could help you in choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding day:

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Consider the Dress
Depending on your dress’ neckline, shape, fabric and/or special features, certain hairstyles will look better than others. You’ll also want to bring a photo of your dress and any accessories to the hair consultation. Talking about the options once you have it narrowed down to a few styles makes it easier to find the perfect match.
“I always consider the neckline on a wedding dress. If it’s high I usually go up. If it’s low, down could look better,” Sorensen says. “For complicated dress designs, try to keep it simple.” You don’t want your hair to take away from the dress! Source: HuffingtonPost

Face Features and Shape
If you have a long face like Live Tyler, wearing your hair long and down will only make your face look longer, consider taking your hair up but not too far up. Try to add fullness around your cheekbones and ears.
Round faces like that of Ginnifer Goodwin look fabulous in high updos. Avoid too much body and curls around your face as this can make your face even rounder. Also be cautious of too tight and slick styles.
If you have a square face like actress Cameron Diaz, try and pull your hair away from your face to smooth out your features. Try a soft and wispy style, parting your hair at the side can help make your face less angular. Source: ShireenLouw

Hair Type
If you have fine hair and have never tried hair extensions, then this might be a good opportunity to try out a new look. One real bride said she decided to have extensions because she didn’t want an updo as she never wears her hair up and instead wanted a down do with more volume.
Other brides love their curls and work them into their look. Michelle said she had a “curly down do with a modern side plait twist.” Source: WeddingIdeasMag

You might want to experiment with different hairstyles, lengths and colors in the time leading up to your big day to identify the look that suits you best. If you need some professional help along the way, contact us!


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