There are so many things that can be used without spending extra money on more products. Here are some beauty tips that I have tried and tested.

*Eye cream is great for cuticles – instead of buying cuticle cream or oil, after I apply my eye cream at night, I also put some on my cuticles and helps them stay moisturized.

*Create fuller lips – I have full lips but want to create an extra fullness so I extend a neutral toned lip liner below my lips than apply a lipstick and top it off with a shiny gloss. Gives you that sexy, full lip! Just remember not to extend the liner too much.

*Zap your zits – a simple and easy way to dry out your pimples, I dab toothpaste on them before I go to bed. Simple solution to getting rid of them.

*For greasy hair – I find my hair easily gets greasy, so I apply my conditioner to only the ends of my hair. I completely avoid my roots. It really helps! Another thing I do, is apply baking soda to my roots and then shampoo and condition. That really takes out any oil but don’t do this if you have hair color in your hair because it will strip it.

*False Lashes – When I use strip lashes, I love to blend them in by applying mascara to them. It helps them blend with your natural lashes.

*Whiten your teeth – I use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. I make a paste and brush it onto my teeth and then leave it for 1 minute. After, I brush and rinse my teeth and they are sparkling white. I do this about 2 to 3 times a week. You will notice a difference after just one use.

Whiten teeth – I use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth. I make a paste and then brush it on my teeth and leave it on for a minute