Well what an exciting day we got to work yesterday. Carmen had a couple connections with a realtor that owns Tall Timbers Golf Course in Langley. They were hosting an event called Mid Summer Classic. With that they wanted to have complementary chair massages for their golfers on the course. The weather was definitely not on our side but that didn’t prevent any broken spirits of fun, it probably made the event just that much more interesting. All the girls came with their hair and makeup beautifully done, and by the time the event was over we all had that fresh out of the shower look. Goodbye voluminous hair and immaculate makeup.

What we got to wear:

Now as you that have had Signature come to your event you would know we dress in our black uniforms. But for this one a fun uniform was requested. Carmen and I found two cute sailor inspired dresses from H&M they were conservative enough to represent our business in a professional, fashionable, and fun way. We got an enormous amount of compliments which is always nice to hear.

As we walked in bringing our stuff to our station we got an enormous amount of stares it was hard not to blush. One gentleman decided to carry all of our stuff for us. Talk about valet service without the cost! We brought two chairs and set up under a tent. We were their providing massages for 4 hours, which was ideal cause then we got to explore the fun that was out on the course afterwards. Now I can’t tell you everything that was going on there cause as one of the golfers said “what happens on the course stays on the course”; “fair enough” I said.

Once we were done for the day, there were a group of golfers that had been keeping us company. So we asked for the tour with that I got to drive the golf buggy. It felt like was driving a bumper car! We went through mud puddles, up and down sloppy hills across a couple bridges and finally to the Sammy J Peppers hole. When we got there they had a quad they were displaying as well as complementary red racer beer samples. We decided to drive to the next hole which was Townhall! They were selling drinks and had complementary chicken tacos, they were delish. They also had aerial dancers on a trampoline for entertainment. Once we were finished eating I got to take a ride in the hummer buggy! Smooth ride but the only downside had no top so down came the rain! We got back to the clubhouse for dinner, we got to choose from steak or chicken with fully loaded baked potato, Caesar and toss salad. After dinner it was time to go and let everyone enjoy the rest of their evening. It was the best golf tournament I’ve been too and I’m sure a lot of participants would say the same! We can’t wait to be a part of your next tourny and make it an incredible experience for all. Here are some fun photos we took on course as well 20140724-150926-54566586.jpg