In the past year we have seen many celebrities start new trends. I believe it was 3 years ago when I saw Rhianna and Lady Gaga sport the lethal claws also known as Stiletto Nails. Fun fact the name came from the Italian assassins in the 1400s that used thin stiletto knives. Talk about a little history to get our beauty tips. At first I didn’t like their nails at all till last year. I got our talented nail tech Sara to give me a full set of En-Vogue gel nails. We did almond shape which wasn’t as extreme as the stiletto pointed nails, but it sure was a big step from the square shape for me. I found the almond shape elongated my fingers and gave my nails a more feminine appearance. With all this length is was great opportunity to add in some nail art! Now who knew when nail art or feature nails became the trend. For those who don’t know what a feature nail is it’s different from all the rest.

My favourite was making 3 nails on each hand different. We did roses on one nail, strips on the second, and glitter as the third, the other two nails we did plain colour with a dazzle gem. It was nice to showcase Sara’s talent at spa parties and different events. I got many compliments on them and everyone seemed intrigued on doing more than one feature nail. I’ve recently got a feature nail on my toes when they are painted. For my sisters wedding nails we did one feature nail on her hands and feet. My dad oversaw this happening and didn’t get the concept what so ever. It was kinda funny explaining to a 50 year old man why it was different, and how putting a gem, glitter, or a completely different colour can be a creative expression that can last for as long as you like. I posted a picture of ombré nails which was one of my favourite designs we did.

Almond and stiletto nails are still the trend for today and nail art ideas continue to thrive. So next time your picking a polish try and encourage yourself to let that fun and creative you make the decision!