3 Nail Care Tips for at Home

Want to know how to take care of your nails at home? If so, here are some nail care tips you could use to maintain healthy nails in between manicures. Image Source: Flickr Below are 3 care tips for your nails at home: Keep Fingernails Dry and Clean This prevents bacteria from growing under [...]

August 24th, 2016|

3 Summer Spa Treatments

What spa treatments should you treat yourself to this summer?  Here are three refreshing spa treatments to pamper and prettify yourself this summer. Image Source: Flickr Body Wrap What easily come to mind when we think of summer are beaches and bikinis. Of course, some are quite anxious over the thought of flaunting [...]

August 17th, 2016|

4 Beauty Habits You Should Break Right Now

Throughout our lives, we have spent precious time mapping out a great beauty routine, but are we aware if we`re doing it right? This post will provide details on beauty habits that we need to break from now on. Going to Bed With Your Makeup On Kate Bosworth recently said she could count the times [...]

March 23rd, 2016|

5 Ways to Avoid Frizzy Hair

Having a bad hair day because of frizz? Read more to check out ways on how to avoid frizzy hair. Comb Your Hair While in the Shower - Never While It's Dry - Applying a dry brush against dry hair can create fullness and puffiness that you wouldn't want in the summer. Brush your hair using [...]

March 14th, 2016|

How To Apply Eye Shadows By Shape

Sometimes, you want to change your look a little, and by applying an eye shadow according to your eye shape can be a great way to do it. Read on to learn more! ROUND EYES - If you have round eyes like Katy Perry, start by applying eyeliner from the inner corners of your eyes [...]

March 9th, 2016|

4 Hair Removal Options

Are you confused about how to remove unwanted body hair? Read below to find 4 hair removal options you may want to consider. Waxing Waxing is an effective method of removing unwanted hair in both large and small areas. Waxing is one method of depilation, which means that the entire hair shaft is removed from [...]

February 24th, 2016|

Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Planning a major hair makeover? Your face shape is very important when it comes to finding the right hairstyle for you. This post will discuss hairstyles according to your face shape. Oval Face: Oval faces tend to look good in everything, but their faces can appear long, so think twice before adding height on top [...]

February 18th, 2016|

4 Tips For Beautiful Feet

Everyone wants to have beautiful feet, especially when flip flops and sandals are the go-to footwear. Below you will see 4 tips on how to have beautiful feet. Scrub - Frequent exfoliating is not just about looking good: Thickly callused skin can crack, leading to pain and infections. Pumice-based pastes can swiftly eliminate scaly skin, [...]

February 11th, 2016|

5 Suggestions for Best Eye Creams

Starting to use an eye cream early is a great idea because it will help keep your eyes looking bright and awake. Below are 5 suggestions for eye creams that are made for various needs.   Neocutis Lumiere Its balanced mixture of proteins and hyaluronic acid hydrates and firms the skin underneath your eyes, while its caffeine [...]

February 6th, 2016|

Top 5 Anti-Aging Breakthroughs

We all age...though some people say “age is not an amount of time but a state of mind”.  This post includes some breakthroughs to slow aging and keep you young in more than just your heart. Fractional CO2 Laser The antiaging breakthrough of the decade, according to many doctors, is a skin-resurfacing treatment known as [...]

February 3rd, 2016|