Everyone wants to have beautiful feet, especially when flip flops and sandals are the go-to footwear. Below you will see 4 tips on how to have beautiful feet.

Scrub – Frequent exfoliating is not just about looking good: Thickly callused skin can crack, leading to pain and infections. Pumice-based pastes can swiftly eliminate scaly skin, keeping feet soft for longer. If you prefer scrubs, go for a salt scrub with added oils to help hydrate. Avoid razors and callus scrapers, which can break the skin and cause infection. And be sure to slough gently: Calluses actually protect the feet, so you don’t want to strip them away entirely.  Source: RealSimple

Moisturize – If your heels are very dry and cracked, see a podiatrist or dermatologist for a prescription treatment. If they’re not that bad, there are plenty of moisturizing products from which to choose. First, you might try some medicated heel pads, which don’t need a prescription, to soften calluses while you walk. After you’ve exfoliated the calluses, use a heavy cream to moisturize tough skin on your heel. Look for creams containing petrolatum, an emollient, or a humectant such as lactic acid, which draws moisture into the skin. Source: WebMD

Trim – Every few weeks, trim your toenails to keep them healthy and strong. Trimming them the wrong way results in ingrown toenails, which can be quite painful. Trim them strait across, rather than trimming the edges into a curve. You should also avoid trimming them too short, since this could result in ingrown toenails or an infection. If you would really prefer a rounded shape instead of a straight square, use a nail file to smooth out the ridges and to give the edges a bit of a curve, so you would end up with a square shape with rounded edges. Source: WikiHow

Kick Off Your Heels – Sky-high stilettos may look sexy, but wearing them too much can completely change the mechanics of your foot. The higher your heels, the more pressure you’re putting on the balls of your feet which is not only uncomfortable, but overtime can lead to bunions and hammertoes. Ouch. Your tendons can also become unnaturally stretched, which means that it will really hurt to wear flats. If you can, limit the time you spend in your high heels — commute to and from work in your sneakers or wear stylish flats on casual Fridays. If you love your heels, try a pair with a one-inch kitten heel. And if you really can’t bear the thought of wearing anything under three inches, slip on a pair of summery wedges — they provide better arch support than heels. Source: RD

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