Throughout our lives, we have spent precious time mapping out a great beauty routine, but are we aware if we`re doing it right? This post will provide details on beauty habits that we need to break from now on.

Going to Bed With Your Makeup On
Kate Bosworth recently said she could count the times she has gone to bed without taking her makeup off in her life on one hand—and we all know how her skin looks. Gross says one of the biggest mistakes women make is not properly cleansing and removing makeup at night. This clogs oil glands and impacts your makeup into your pores, which makes them appear larger. When your collagen levels decline as you get older, your pores will not snap back after becoming enlarged. Additionally, leftover makeup can lead to inflammation, which can generate free radicals and lead to breakouts. Source: Elle 

Washing Your Face in the Morning
Using harsh cleansers and scrubs in the a.m. can do more harm than good, stripping your skin of essential oils before you even start your day, Dr. Lamba says. “A good skincare regimen means cleansing your face only at night because while you sleep, your skin regenerates, reestablishes its pH, and increases collagen production,” she adds. So why would you want to wash off all this hard work when you wake up?
Leave the house feeling clean and refreshed without turning your skin into the Sahara by simply splashing with water and applying a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher. If you need to cleanse (perhaps you have makeup left over from last night), use a mild moisturizing cleanser that doesn’t contain harsh detergents before applying the same SPF moisturizer. And next time, be sure to remove all of your makeup before hitting the sheets. Source: Shape

Using a Lip Gloss without SPF
You know SPF is important; it’s been drilled into our heads, and that is a good thing. For the most part I’m sure you’re diligent with applying SPF before you scoot out the door for the day, but what about your lips? Yes, your lips! This seems to be the last place we think to add protection and that my friend is a beauty habit deal breaker! Sun damage can cause a number of terrible health problems including loss of elasticity, inflammation, lesions, and discoloration. Your lips are no exception to these issues. In fact, leaving your lips without SPF is practically begging the sun to attack you. Be a savvy product shopper and make sure that you buy a lip balm with an SPF. You can add the lip balm underneath your favorite gloss, allowing it to act like an army against the suns damaging rays while still looking fabulous. Source: Bustle

Over-Processing Your Hair
Bleach paired with heat styling equals the mother of all recipes for bad hair. So beautiful, but so bad for you. “Dry, damaged, and brittle hair is typically the result of too many chemical services (color, perms, relaxers, straighteners, extensions); repeated or inappropriate use of heated styling tools; and environmental stressors like the sun, hot water, and chlorine,” says David Adams hair colorist for Aveda. “Over-processing breaks down the protein (keratin) in the hair, which causes breakage, split ends, and dull look.” Plus it destroys the cuticle, causing dryness and frizz. If this describes your hair, Adams suggests a combination of regular salon treatments and proper home care. Source: Self

With just a few twists to your existing routine, you can nip any bad beauty behaviors, and be on your way to a safer and healthier beauty regimen in no time. If you want to get more information about beauty regimens, please give us a call or contact us here.

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