Most organizations don’t think of “spa” when thinking staff or customer appreciation events… but when they do the results are huge!!! Let us at Signature Mobile Spa wow your staff and clients!!

Employees love being spoiled on their birthday, on staff appreciation days, or at team building events. Seeing the Signature team pull up and offer chair massages, manicures and pedicures on site is a real treat most employees have never experienced before.

Customers love working with organizations that go above and beyond to make the experience extra special. Whether it be a bonus “spa” room at a golf tournament, or a retreat room during a conference or workshop, adding spa services to an event is a way to show your customers how you take things to the next level.


Signature Mobile Spa pampering guests at a corporate event

Everyone loves getting a chair massage!

So if you’re looking for a different holiday event this year, think about spoiling and thanking your team. Think about Signature Mobile Spa! Call us today at 604-377-5177 or visit or website at