Going social wasn’t an easy move for us… we were worried that our content wouldn’t be interesting enough, or that we’d be able to post regularly.

Owners online

Carmen and Karen reviewing their new website and social marketing plan.

We started off slowly, posting funny quotes and things we thought our clients would like. Every once in a while we would post a picture from a party or an event. To our surprise our Facebook Friends liked learning about our business and seeing what we were doing. The more we posted about what we were up to, the more followers we got.

We couldn’t be more grateful for our customers; our friends. By joining us on social media you’ve welcomed us into your daily lives. So many of you have reached out and liked or commented on our posts, showing your support for our business. Many of you have gone the extra mile and written reviews for us, and shared your experience with others. Thank you. The only way we are able to keep doing what we love is if we have great people like you supporting us.

So even though we never intended to be a social media company, we are so grateful we took the move. It’s allowed us to better connect with you, and knowing that you’re behind us, cheering us on from the sidelines means the world to us.

So, join in on the conversation. We look forward to seeing you on and offline!

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