If you plan on going out on a spa day then here are the many benefits that you can derive from it:

1. Muscular Relief – muscular relief at resort spaFeeling a little stiff? From your quadriceps to your abdominals, many of the body’s biggest muscle groups can become stiff and strained over time. This is particularly common in athletes, who frequently push their muscles to the limit.

Therapeutic massage treatments allow your body to rest and relax while restoring your muscles to their utmost health. Enjoy relief and looser, more flexible muscles as your body is massaged into perfect condition. Source: Travel with a Mate

2. Detox – Detoxing on holiday not only rids your body of toxins and stress but also helps to clear your mind. It allows you to re-energise by cleansing your system, removing bad toxins and regenerating new blood back into your body, specifically targeting the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. Cleansing your body can consist of daily exercise, nutritious food and detox juices, combining these simple detox methods on a spa holiday can have an unparalleled impact on your mind and body. A specialised detox holiday will be more tailor-made to a client and could include a juice detox programme or a specific diet. Source: Health and Fitness Travel

3.  Age Fighting – Other studies have shown a link between the positive emotional or psychological results of meditation and an increase in the longevity of telomerase, an enzyme that is fundamental to the long-term health and youth of cells. While the notion that meditation reduces stress might be an old one, that meditation could affect proteins related to aging, possibly prolonging our cellular health and youth, is new and compelling.

Furthermore, the link between stress and inflammation is well proven, and inflammation is linked to a slew of skin, mental and health problems. In addition to the “great mind escape” that our spa treatments provide, each one features quality time with our products that, besides being allergen-free, are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, and are deeply reparative to skin.

Don’t forget: skin stressors age the skin, too. Rashes, irritations, pimples, itching, severe dryness, and reactions to products are all incidents of physical stress on the skin and are all types of inflammation. Whether or not you already have sensitive skin, avoiding allergens can help prevent various problems (even subtle ones which may not yet be obvious) which can thin and stress the skin, and contribute to aging. Source: Skintelligencenter