Spa party is a fun way to get together with friends and family to enjoy each others company. We are the best choice to make the most of your spa party. If you’ve never hosted a spa party, here’s some useful hosting ideas and info to get you started.

First off:

1. Pick a date! choose a date that will work for you and most friends. Try to cater to everyone but understand there will always a few that will not be able to make it.

2. Choose Signature Mobile Spa. Contact us to reserve your preferred date. We always suggest to give us as much notice as possible to confirm your booking.

3. Send out invites. Once we confirm your reservation we will be sending you an informative email that will outline any details for the party. We provide everything from the setup to the cleanup for the spa portion of your party. We just require you to have seating for you and your guests and to use a sink to fill up our basins and disinfect our implements.

4. Pick your spa treatments. We ask for you and your guests to pick which service(s) you would like to receive and email the list 10 days prior to your spa party. We will create an appointment schedule for your party, that will include you and your guests names and appointment times. Each guest may choose from any price point from our spa party or treatment menu.

The day of the party! Now we all like to be the hostess with the mostess. But don’t be shy to ask your guests to bring a plate or two. It can be stressful trying to do it all yourself, and that is the last thing we want on your spa day. I’ve created a board on Pinterest ( of some food and drink ideas which I will continue to add to, if your looking for inspiration.

Some of our most popular questions we get are:

Can you accommodate my small or large group. Yes, we specialize in catering to groups of all sizes. The largest group we’ve pampered is 150 people in a 6 hour time period. Now not all parties will be this large but if your afraid to extend the guest list don’t be cause catering to your party is our specialty.

How much room will you take up: We don’t require a lot of space for your spa party. We usually setup manicures and pedicures in a central place like the living room and have your guests sitting on a sofa. Massages and Facials we prefer to do in a separate room as most clients like to relax and rejuvenate when they are receiving these treatments.

Gift Bags: That’s right we can prepare gift bags for your guests. We have sample gift bags on our website viewed here. We can customize to your price point and items you would like in there as well. (

Event Decor: When we said we are the All in one stop we included event decor. Our partners at Champagne Dreams provides decor for your event or wedding. Send us an email to get a quote today.(

Entertainment: Are you looking for some creative ideas for entertainment during the spa party?

We’ve done a couple parties which had a butler there serving you and your guests. It was super fun to be waited on while getting pampered talk about the ultimate treat! We’ve seen this company at a couple of our parties

Movie: Classic is putting on something enjoyable and funny while at your spa party. Our favorite features are: Bridesmaids, The proposal, Horrible Boses, The Ugly Truth and Magic Mike

Music: We provide relaxing spa music for Facials and Massages. We suggest something fun and classic for those guests receiving manicures and pedicures.