As this New Year begins so do the wonderful events the year has to offer. With February approaching we all start thinking of things to do with your love one. My husband and I since we have been together have always switched planning from one year to the next. This year is my husband’s turn to plan the special day. So I am definitely excited to be wined and dined! Choose this day to do the things you and your partner enjoy the most. If you’re the adventurous outdoor type why not do something like going up to Grouse Mountain, riding the gondola, and also have a nice meal on top of the mountain. If you like relaxing, choose something spa related you can enjoy together like side by side manicures, pedicures, facials, or massages, and the best part is Signature Mobile Spa will come to you. If you like to be wined and dined take this night to go somewhere neither of you have been before. If you both enjoy the theatre maybe going to a play or ballet would be a great choice for you both.

Remember to always value the time you get to spend with your partner and cherish every holiday by celebrating your love and the life you are spending together. I’ve included some things we have done together to celebrate Valentine’s Day and hopefully these ideas can help you plan this day with your partner.

2010 – I arranged for us to have couples massages! This was our first Valentine’s Day we had together as a couple. Unfortunately my hubby was playing hockey and got a concussion and tore something in his shoulder (I can’t remember what it called) so we had to cancel our massages on the day of but we still did it 3 months later. I’m sure he enjoyed being taken care of completely instead.
2011 – My hobby’s turn to plan the date he got us reservations at Kobe Steak house. Now if you haven’t gone here before, you need to! They make the food right in front of you and show off their crazy skills, this was definitely a fun and engaging experience.
2012 – We went on a boat cruise around Vancouver. It was so romantic we enjoyed dinner, wine, a boat ride and dancing!
2013 – We had just had our son 4 days before Valentine’s Day. We were in the baby moon stage so all we wanted to do if watch our little man sleep. My husband made dinner and put rose petals over the table and lit the candles. Our son joined us and slept in his car seat at the table. I was so happy to stay home with our new addition I couldn’t have asked for a better day filled with love.
2014 – Dinner at the keg. This last year was a hard one because our son just turned one and to find time to spend with each other without our little guy when we weren’t exhausted was challenging. So we were boring and asked our mother to watch him while we went out for dinner. We went to the Keg in Langley and did it the day after Valentine’s Day hoping to skip the rush. Boy were we wrong! There was an hour wait but managed to squeeze a spot around the bar. I thought that year celebrating by going out for dinner was the perfect way to spend time together. We were away from all our responsibilities around the house and didn’t need to worry about cleaning afterwards.

We at Signature wish you an amazing day this year whether you’re spending with your family, friends or partner. Let this day bring back all the amazing moments and memories!