Hey followers, now that it’s September and fall approaches us. We will all start to loose our summer glow. What a better way to keep up the glow then with a spray tan! Spray tanning is wonderful, it gives you a flawless tan from head to toe without spending hours sunbathing or in a studio. Best part of it is it doesn’t harm your skin like the traditional UV tans you get from the sun and tanning salons. We apply our spray tanning product, Infinity Sun, with an airbrush gun that is high volume and low pressure, meaning you get a evenly covered tan from head to toe. The product has a cosmetic bronzer in it which acts as a guide colour for your technician applying the tan. It helps gauge the level of darkness your looking for, and gives you an idea of how great spray tanning really is.

I’ve been using sunless tanning products for the last 10 years. The first time was when I was in high school and brought a Loreal lotion product. Was this a nightmare that I still remember. I applied this lotion without gloves and right before bed. When I woke up in the morning. I ran into the bathroom to check out my glow and I was streaky, blotchy, and had a hint of an orange tone to my skin. I didn’t wash the product off my hands so they were even worse I was so embarrassed to go to school. I layered my body with foundation and wore long sleeves on a beautiful spring day. Now granted I was so inexperienced I didn’t read the instructions prior to applying, which informed to wear gloves or wash hands after applying and to apply a thin layer, which probably would of helped my horrible tan. After the tan faded I tried and went to a technician to get a spray tan. Wow, what a difference. I was even and bronzed from head to toe. From there I was sold! I haven’t tried giving myself a tan out of a bottle since then, but I regularly get spray tanned and spray tan our clients. If you wanted to go for something out of a bottle I would recommend the Sally Hansen aerosol, this product just applies a cosmetic bronzer so you don’t have to live with the tan for a week. This product can be used to touch up your tan or give you a nice glow.

Spray Tan - Infinity Sun

Our product, Infinity Sun, is the best on the market, you will regularly see this product features on Miss America and celebrities rocking the red carpet. It has green undertones in the product which counteract any orange effects the old school and cheap spraying products may give you, and it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or unnatural looking too. It is best used when you exfoliant the night before and use an extender moisturizer that will keep your tan glowing for up to 10 days. I recommend the Infinity Sun Timeless Skin Renewing Exfoliant. It’s a gentle scrub that contains a natural non-abrasive enzyme to remove expired skin cells at the end of their cycle. It’s super easy to apply as well, just apply over your body wait about 5-10 min, jump in the shower and rinse off. That’s right no rubbing abrasive salt or sugar over your body! You can purchase this product from us prior to your session. Our aftercare product we recommend is our Infinity Sun Hydrating Skin Extender. This product is formulated to keep the skin soft, hydrated and silky-looking and can extend the tan for an additional 2-3 days. Hydration is the key when your looking for a sunless aftercare product. A lot of products out there will just put a mask on your skin to prevent any moisture from escaping the skin. But when your skin doesn’t breathe it starts to look dull and dry which is the opposite of what we are wanting to achieve with our glowing tan. I use the Infinity Sun Extender Lotion and I love it. I apply this lotion right after I get out of the shower and while my skin still some water on it and use that water and moisture to make the lotion go further. Remember professional products don’t contain as much water as shelf products do. So yes your paying more for a product but aren’t getting a watered down product that is less effective.

So let’s recap! Who can spray tan? Everyone! Spray tan for a special event like: Weddings, Anniversary’s, Night out on the town, date night, or my favourite.. Just because!

We look forward to meeting you and giving you your customized flawless glow! Book your mobile appointment online at info@signaturemobilespa.com or 604.377-5177 or find us at Island tan in Clayton Heights for an in-store appointment.

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