Hey followers,

So great news OPI launched their fall collection call Nordic. Carmen and I were at the suppliers and cherry picked a few of our favourites from this line. This is a bit of a transition from the colours we saw in the summer and spring line which composed of a lot of neons and pastels. But this line definitely gets me excited for scarves, boots, and skinny jeans!!


The colour “do you have this colour in Stock-holm” definitely stands out of the rest to me. Fall is all about the rich colours like purples and blues I think this colour in particular demonstrate the change of time where are days aren’t so long. Waking up and coming home with little to no sunlight left in the day. But we all have to love that beautiful midnight fun! The other two colours “Skating on Thin Ice-Land” and “Viking in a Vinter Vonderland” are both really similar to two other great colours on our chart which is why we haven’t added these ones yet.


I believe the inspiration with this fall orange coral called “Can’t Afjörd Not too” comes from our beautiful leaves on the trees around us. We all can visually experience the leaves changing to this colour tone as fall begins. The green called “My dogsled is a Hybrid” I’m in love with. Carmen and I didn’t pick this one up but we both haven’t stopped thinking about it. So you may be seeing this colour on the charts sooner than later. “My Dogsled is a Hybrid” and “Suzi has a Swede tooth” maybe doesn’t say fall to me like the rest but hey we all or to take a vacation colour sometime right!? We haven’t added the pink yet cause it’s very similar to OPI’s spring pink called Kiss me I’m Brazilian. I’m all about he names and too me this one sounds like more fun than the new one.


The browns and taupes definitely are more of the earthy tones. The colour “How Great is Your Dane” is another rich fall colour that I would definitely be styling with. I haven’t decided if I like the two browns called “Going my Way or Norway” and “Ice-Bergers and Fries” but please let me know what all you loyal followers think.

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