If you want to host your very own spa party at home then here are some things that you need to take care of:

1. Send invitations a week or more in advance – You can make your own invitations, tell them by email, or you can phone your guests. Ask them if they can come, giving them at least two days notice. Then tell them where to go, when it is, what to bring, the time, and your theme. Source: wikiHow

2. Setting the Mood

  • Create a restful atmosphere for your guests by decorating with fresh flowers and scented candles (though don’t go overboard—scents that are too strong can often cause headaches, which isn’t very relaxing at all). Add texture in soothing earth tones by bringing in pillows, tablecloths, and blankets to evoke a spa-like feel.
  • For design ideas, check out your favorite hotel spa and mimic their decorating scheme or consult home decor magazines like Domino and Sunset. DIYNetwork also has fabulous ideas for tabletops and outdoor decor. Source: Mahalo

3. Food and fun – Food and drinks are another important element to a great spa party. Keep the food light and fresh, and the drinks indulgent. Set out a few trays of fresh fruit, along with raw veggies and dip for snacking. Add some dainty finger sandwiches and colorful cocktails, and you and your girlfriends are good to go! Source: She Knows

4. What to Wear – Don’t wear your fave pajamas or that cute nightie you just bought last week. Chances are pretty high that you’ll spill some face mask goo or nail polish on yourself, so pack comfortable clothes, like sweatpants and a t-shirt, and a pair of PJs that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Source: Kidz World