Do you plan on going to a spa? Then check out these treatments that you can avail yourself to.

1. Destination Spa

Destination spa is designed in a manner to rejuvenate you at all levels, providing you with mind and body fitness, along with making you indulge in healthy eating and ensure complete relaxation. It’s not a one-day experience, rather gives you a chance to lose yourself in a new beautiful world, for two to three nights, where no troubles and tensions are allowed to chase you. Source: I Love India

2. Thermal Spa

A thermal spa is built around a hot spring that is formed from heated water from the earth’s crust. The heat from the thermal waters increases blood flow and body metabolism, bringing improved nourishment to vital organs and muscles and aiding digestion, whilst removing unwanted toxins from the body. Additionally, as heated water can hold more dissolved solids, thermal waters often contain a high number of minerals that can have a number of healing benefits and therapeutic values, offering pain relief from all kinds of different types of injuries and ailments, as well as skin conditions. Source: Health And Fitness Travel

3. Reflexology

Reflexology is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been around for centuries. It is a massage technique that focuses on the foot. The ancient Chinese healers believed that life force energy or ā€œqiā€ flows through the body through channels known as meridians. This is also the basis for acupuncture therapy. In reflexology, massaging the feet at specific points helps to stimulate the meridians and remove blockages, thereby promoting healing. Each part of the foot is said to be associated with a specific part of the body and massaging that part of the foot will have a corresponding effect on the associated part. For this reason, practitioners claim that having a reflexology massage is the equivalent of having a full body massage. Source: Yoga Wiz