If you consider doing your nails at home, here are some tips that you could possibly need to ensure a salon-quality manicure. Read on!

Below are 3 easy manicure tips:


“People think nails turn yellow because they don’t ‘breathe,’ but really it’s from dark polishes staining the nail,” says Mary Lupo, MD, a New Orleans-based dermatologist. “It’s a myth that nails need fresh air to stay healthy.” In fact, 24-7 polish protects weak nails from breaking. To prevent yellowing, apply a base coat before colored polish—especially if you’re using a darker shade, which is more likely to cause harmless stains. Nails already yellow? Rub them with a lemon wedge—a natural beauty trick that helps whiten with fruit acids. Source: http://www.prevention.com/beauty/makeup-how-to/8-manicure-tips-for-younger-looking-hands/prep

White Vinegar

You could also just wipe your nails using a paper towel dampened with vinegar. Vinegar will strip the nails of any oils or moisturizers left over from polish remover in order to prevent bubbles. It helps the polish adhere better, therefore prolonging your manicure. Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/easy-nail-tricks-for-a-flawless-diy-manicure#.vpQ9vKpmY

Nail Polish

  • Don’t shake the nail polish bottle; instead roll it between your palms. This mixes the polish without causing air bubbles.
  • Before polishing clean nails, soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and swipe across nails. This will remove any excess oils or soap than can cause peeling once polish is applied.
  • One trick for applying nail polish: Hold the brush between the thumb and middle finger while resting your forefinger on the top of the cap.
  • To get the best results, apply thin layers. Start with a thin layer of basecoat (I like China Glaze’s from Amazon), then apply a thin layer of polish down the middle then one on the left and one on the right. After the first coat dries for a couple minutes, repeat, then follow with a thin layer of topcoat. The most popular topcoat, hands down, is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat. Source: http://beauty.about.com/od/manicures/a/manicures_how_to_give_yourself_a_manicure.htm

Cleaning Up

The last step is cleaning up mistakes! While I have a lot of practice doing my nails, I’m definitely not perfect. My favorite way for cleaning up mistakes is to pour a little acetone into a glass Dappen Dish and use a stiff, angled brush (usually an eye liner brush works well). The brush is stiff enough to have traction along the nail edge, it can fit under the tip of my nail to get mistakes there and since it isn’t a cotton ball there aren’t any little fuzzies to trail along and ruin my manicure. I typically clean up as the last step, but if I’ve made a lot of mistakes I sometimes will clean up earlier in the process. Source: http://www.15minutebeauty.com/2013/11/my-quick-and-easy-manicure-routine.html


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