There are so many options – how do you choose the right spa treatment? This article will cover some tips that will give you an insight into how to choose the spa treatment which best suits you, including: doing your research, communicating with your spa therapist and having a realistic expectation.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Below are 3 tips for choosing the right spa treatment:

Doing Your Research
Every single spa offers different treatments, and you can’t expect every spa to offer the same treatment as another. Take a look at the spas website beforehand or give them a call to learn about the various treatments they offer. Generally, most spas offer facials, massages, body wraps and aromatherapy through the use of essential oils. Some spas offer variations on these treatments, such as hot stone massage, reflexology, reiki or acupressure treatments, but this will differ from spa to spa. Different spas will also use different products, such as Elemis, Speizia, Ila and many more. Make sure you look in to what would brands might suit you best and check whether you spa shortlist uses these spa products. Source:  CeleryAndCupcakes

Communicating with your Spa Therapist
As stated in step 1 communicate the ultimate goal outcome with your therapist. It is helpful to communicate any discomforts you may have and problem areas that you want special attention focused on. This also includes the amount of pressure applied to a massage. Most Swedish Massage is fairly light. If seeking “deep tissue massage” than you’ll have to communicate the right amount of pressure with your therapist. Source:  wikiHow

Having Realistic Expectations
The primary function of a day spa is to help you relax and feel pampered. Many of the treatments can certainly improve your health and leave you looking your best, but don’t expect the fountain of youth. Some spas make pretty outrageous claims, but chances are that your chosen day spa isn’t going to get rid of your cellulite, slim and tone your body in a week and erase a decade from your face.
Especially when it comes to medical spa treatments, don’t put too much stock in recommended services — even if the staff physician is the one pushing the product. Remember, spas exist to make money. If you have a medical condition and you think a spa treatment is the best thing for it, visit your regular doctor first.
Your experience at a day spa should leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, and probably eager to go back again. If that’s the kind of treatment you’re looking for, most day spas should leave you feeling quite satisfied. Source:  Health.HowStuffWorks

Spas have now evolved into a wellness centre which provide a range of treatments. If you want to know more about spa treatments, contact us now!


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