We’ve all been waiting patiently for summer to arrive. Follow these five summer tips to prepare and protect your well-being from the high temps and harsh rays.

Shower Before Swimming
Even if your backyard water is calling your name (loudly), wait a sec before diving in. Step into the outdoor shower that’s a fixture at most pools and get your mane wet. Thirsty, dry hair strands will soak up fresh water before being touched by chemical-filled, chlorinated liquid. Makes sense, right? Source: Marieclaire

Stay moisturized
You may have let up on this a little since winter left the premises, but don’t give it up for good. A solid moisturizing routine can do so many beneficial things for your complexion! Your skin is a barrier that protects you from environmental aggressors like pollution, bacteria and moisture loss, and keeping it moisturized helps keep that barrier working properly. Dry skin is unhappy, damage-prone skin, so apply a light moisturizer to protect it from summertime drying agents like sunburns, salt and chlorine. Source: StyleCaster

The Problem: Parched Lips
If you thought dry lips were only a cold-weather issue, think again! Drier climates can still cause puckers to shrivel and time outdoors can lead to burning. Skip medicated menthol- or camphor-based balms. The tingle is intoxicating, but these formulas will dry lips over time. Instead, look for salves and glosses with soothing ingredients like shea butter and beeswax. SPF is also a must—especially when wearing high-shine gloss, which tends to attract more UV rays because of its reflective shimmer. Source: Elle

Save your self-tan
Steer clear of exfoliating scrubs and creams that contain retinol and AHA for a few days after using your self-tanner. “These products slough the top layer of skin, removing color in the process,” says Natalie Cupid, senior technician and manager of Sundara Airbrush Tanning Salon in New York City. Source: Prevention

Pretty Hands and Feet
There’s nothing sexy about a strappy sandal with a cracked heel,   To get rid of the roughness, she recommends scrubbing daily in the shower with a foot paddle or pumice stone and then following up with an ultrathick moisturizer. Constant sun exposure makes hands vulnerable to age spots and wrinkling. Keep them from being an instant age giveaway with an SPF-enriched hand lotion like Neutrogena Age Shield Hand Cream SPF 30. Source: WebMD

Maintaining a skin care routine, exfoliating, and exercise can also help your skin look nourished and healthy all summer. If you need more suggestions, please contact us here.


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