Did you know that having baby smooth heels is achievable?  Read below to know the ways on how you can achieve it and get rid of those dry, cracked heels.

Understanding The Causes

  • Dry, flaky skin can be a result of climate, such as very dry summers and/or cold winters.
  • Keep in mind that the extra weight requires more expansion of the heel, which usually results in cracking or splitting of the skin through the callus.
  • Thongs, open backed or sling sandals are frequently the culprits.
  • High heels can also cause heel discomfort and dryness.
  • Hard floors can be detrimental your foot’s health so try to wear orthopedic footwear.
  • Thyroid problems have also been known to cause cracked heels. Source: WikiHow

External Treatment

  • Soak your feet for about 10 minutes in warm water
  • Use a pumice stone to reduce the dead, hard skin. (Don’t use one which is too soft; you’ll only see minimal results). I found the best one to use is the Scholl’s Hard Skin Stone.
  • Wet the stone and rub off the hard skin until your feet feel soft and smooth. It’s not always necessary to soak your feet first for some time, so you can also do this in the shower.
  • Dry your feet properly and apply Calendula Cream to your cracked heels twice daily and massage it in slightly. Calendula officinalis is a great remedy with excellent healing and antiseptic properties which help to soothe skin irritations, speed up wound healing, prevent infections and moisturizes your dry, cracked skin.
  • Let it absorb for a few minutes, and then put on socks so that it doesn’t wipe off.
  • Never ever use scissors or even razors to get rid of the hard skin! Source: HubPages

Maintain the Softness

  • Pick up some anti-acne pads that have a high concentration of alpha hydroxy acid in them and a tub of Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment
  • Before bed, wipe each heel with a pad (the alpha hydroxy works as a powerful exfoliant), allow it to dry, then slather your feet with the ointment.
  • Put on a pair of white cotton socks and go to sleep. Repeat this every night and within a week you’ll be amazed by how smooth your heels become. Once they’re healed, you can cut back to once a week, but continue to moisturize frequently. Source: TotalBeauty

We hope these tips will help you to keep your heels in great condition. If you need more information or to book a pedicure, please contact us!

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