A massage is a wonderful way to relax, de-stress, and improve your health. Here are some simple tips to help maintain and balance your body after your massage.

Image Source: Flickr.com

Image Source: Flickr.com

Below are 3 things to do after a massage.

Drink plenty of water immediately following your treatment, and continue to do so for the next day or two. This will rehydrate your tissues and ease the effects. Take it easy after your massage. Go home, relax and just allow your body to find its balance naturally. Like exercise, make bodywork a habitual practice for good health. And if you wake up the next morning a little sore, it’s probably because you had a really good massage. Source: MassageTherapy

Steam Bath
Well, that’s the hottest thing you can do to your body, literally. A steam bath relaxes the muscles and leads to sweating, which helps in detoxifying the skin. Massage may already have been very relaxing, but a steam bath would be an icing on the cake. Source: MensXP

So, you’ve just taken some time out. You feel more relaxed, your muscles are looser, you feel calm and content. Heading to work, or out for a night on the town, are both not the best options for you right now. While sometimes it’s unavoidable, try to book your massage for a time when you know you can go straight home after it. Put your feet up, read a book, watch some TV, have a nap…whatever helps you to continue to feel good and helps to prolong that calm feeling of wellbeing. Listen to your body. If you feel like having a sleep — do it. If you want to stretch out on the couch — go for it. Your muscles have just been worked and manipulated, similar to an intense work out — this is your time to recover, repair and retune yourself. Source: Medium

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